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Lake George

Deus forma auroram sine volucres mixta frigore. Formas persidaque praebebat pendebat. Caesa consistere vis fratrum suis locis.


South Side University

The Southside neighborhood contains some of the oldest remaining structures in the City of St. Cloud, as well as Barden Park (the City’s oldest park at 150 years old). St. Cloud State University (SCSU) plays a central role in the character and livelihood of the Southside neighborhood.



The Seberger-Roosevelt Neighborhood is located within the area defined by Division Street to the South, the train tracks and 5th Street to the North, Cooper Avenue to the East, and 33rd Avenue to the West. Our vision is to create neighborhood pride by encouraging and empowering Seberger-Roosevelt neighbors to accomplish our common goals of:

* Neighborhood beautification.

* Improved streets and alleys.

* More events at our parks.

* Enforcement of St. Cloud ordinances.

* Addressing rental and home ownership issues.


Northeast-Wilson Park

The Northeast-Wilson Park Neighborhood is one of St. Cloud’s oldest neighborhoods. We are bordered by Sauk Rapids to the North, East Saint Germain St. on the South, and Highway 10 on the East to the Mississippi River on the West.

Our neighborhood is home to Wilson Park on the East Shores of the Mississippi River. The park offers the Kaleidoscope Playground Project, picnic areas, horseshoe facilities, a softball field, tennis and volleyball courts and a boat launch. The park is also the finest off leash pet exercise areas (OLPEA) in St. Cloud.


Northside-Hester Park

Northside-Hester Park is home to some houses that have been here for more than 100 years. The land for Hester Park was established in 1910 and donated by Charles Gilman. The beautiful granite bridges and stairs in the park were built by WPA workers during the Depression and are monuments to the craftsmen of the era. The St. Cloud Hospital joined the neighborhood when it moved to its present location in 1928. 

Residents in the neighborhood typically have taken great pride in their homes and yards. To this day, it is very common to see friendly people of all ages, walking their dogs throughout the neighborhood, doing home maintenance chores or yard work, and children biking or playing. A favorite walking route for many residents is along the Mississippi River, our neighborhood’s natural eastern boundary. The Northside-Hester Park Neighborhood is truly a treasure to those of us who live here!  


Mckinley and Railroad Parks

McKinley Park is located at 1009 McKinley Place South and was established in 1955. The park is 3.8 acres and features a baseball diamond, soccer field, tennis court, and playground equipment. A paved walking trail runs parallel to the park on the west side.

Railroad park is located at 2007 11 Ave. S. and was established in 1972. The park is approximately .75 acres. It features a half basketball court, playground equipment, and a flower garden named Sondra’s Garden. The park is along the walking trail that runs parallel to Roosevelt.

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